Hertel Wax

SpringSolution™ 340g/12oz. Simply the best. This is such fun.

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  • Deals with pollen, dirt, warm temps & slushy snow
  • Durable & fast All Temperature wax
  • Brick size for the best value
  • Biodegradable
  • All white so won't stain your base
  • Hot wax with iron or rub on cold

When spring rolls around, bringing warm weather and corn snow, SpringSolution is Hertel’s answer to what can be challenging snow conditions. Formulated to combat pollen-covered/ old/ dirty/ extremely wet or slushy snow, Spring Solution replaces the frustrating jerky ride we all hate, with a smooth, stress-free glide. No need to mess about with dirty graphite anymore, Spring Solution is a one product solution to end-of-season mountain conditions. Like Racing 739, Spring Solution contains our special Flex 158 formula which lets the wax flex with the ski/snowboard base and lasts extra long! 100% biodegradable.

Iron it on for best results, or rub it on if you don't have time. 

This is all you need in Spring.