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Liquid Super HotSauce®. (GLASS)® Six pair of skis with one ounce.

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Lateral control increase by 50%.

Reduced FATIGUE giving you a few more hours on the hill.

Stability control like never before. 

All Temperature. For best performance, apply night before. Light buffing.

A little goes a long way. Should do several sets

I will not sell this to you unless we have  an agreement you will report back to me your findings. Below is what I consider a real testimonial. I am on the hill in Utah and it is 14 f. Working just fine. Exciting.


I wanted to report back my experience using the hot sauce spray. Man it sure is like glass. Makes the base just beautiful! I used a little larger of an applicator pad. I have a bunch from detailing. Same as the one you sent. The lager one I had worked out good for a snowboard. After putting it on (two sprays a board),laid it down with the pad. I let sit over night inside. In the A.M. I gave them a light buff with scotch brite. The 8447 pad. 
Got out on the slopes (Mt. Baker) and I gotta say after a few runs I could tell there was more stability for sure! Coming out of turns I didn’t feel the board wiggle as I transitioned from edge to edge on the groomers. Sometimes on groomers the camber rocker combo boards give a weird wiggle floaty feel. I tried the spray on 3 of my boards. All a little different style and shape. I noticed a difference on all. Biggest one was my all camber board. 
I will also agree to giving more time on the slopes. My wife no doubt got a few more runs in. She even noted that her board was running fast that day and felt smooth. I can only count that to being the spray as nothing else has changed. She never comments on anything I do to it. So this was cool to get feed back from her this time. 
Thank you for the tips and tricks. Also thank you for the powder. I really appreciate the hook up. I saw you are sold out of some stuff now. I’m going to place another order today. 
Questions for you: What scotch brite should I be using; An aluminum oxide based one or a silicon carbide based one? Is there even a different between the two when being used on a board base?
In my heart I feel the aluminum oxide is the better of the two.  Interested to hear your thoughts. 
How long does the spay last? 
Thanks Terry!