Racing 739™ 340g/12oz
Racing 739™ 340g/12oz
Racing 739™ 340g/12oz

Racing 739™ 340g/12oz

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FEATURES   Screaming fast

  • The longest lasting wax in the world - lasts up to 7 days on snow!
  • All temperature premium race wax
  • Brick size for the best value
  • All white so won't stain your base
  • new! biodegradable
  • Hot wax with iron or rub on cold

Racing 739® was actually the first ever fluoro wax in the world when we created it back in 1986. New for the 2020 season, we have removed the fluoro and made it biodegradable! It is still a higher performance ski wax that incredibly lasts up to seven days on the slopes. For those who want eye watering speed, and also to wax less, this is your best choice. Great from 6°F to 52°F/ -14°C to +11°C. 

Racing 739™ wax is made with a unique double microencapsulation process using patented surfactants, specially formulated to radically reduce surface tension in your ski/snowboard base. Lowered surface tension translates directly into higher speeds and more control (from your skis/snowboard requiring less effort to turn). 

Highly recommended as a secret weapon for racers - while your competition is stuck worrying about temperatures, blends and last minute overlays, you’ll be able to keep a clear mind and focus on the podium. Racing 739 is responsible for countless medals, from grassroots competitions all the way to the Olympics. Racing 739 has been used by the United States Ski Team, the United States Freestyle Ski Team and the Canadian Skiing Teams. It has helped our racing customers of all ski and snowboard skill levels improve their times significantly.


Racing 739 also works great as a base wax, with Super Hotsauce on top, especially when temps go higher than 32°F/0°C.

100% biodegradable.

Iron on for best results, or rub it on if you don’t have time.  YOU NEED TO TELL YOUR FRIENDS IF YOU WANT THIS PRODUCT TO STAY AROUND. 12/9/2022.

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