Hertel Wax

Scotch Brite Pads 5 Pack for buffing wax ( before you can buy this item you must buy something else.)

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Use these pads to buff your Hertel wax into the base of your skis or snowboard. 

After a hotwax and scrape, rub down the base with one of these pads to add a microstructure to your base. Alternatively, if using the rub on method for the wax, after rubbing the wax on, buff the wax in by rubbing with one of these pads until smooth. Finish by adding a microstructure by brushing from tip to tail, in an upside down 'v' pattern. This will make the water flow out from the sides of the ski or snowboard for better speed and control.

In spring conditions, these are useful to keep in your pocket or bag, to rub down the base of your skis or snowboard to keep a microstructure to fight suction, and to remove some of the dirt build up on hill.