Hertel Ski Wax

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/Users/terryhertel/Desktop/IMG_1791.MOV/Users/terryhertel/Desktop/Hertel 23MB.mp4  Bricks of shop wax . THIS IS SUPER HOTSAUCE® All Temperature Ski, and Snowboard Wax. Wherever I go, it is stated it goes on easiest, scrape easy. The customers make, an effort to tell the dealer how well it performed. THESE ARE SECONDS THAT DID NOT PASS WEIGHT REQUIREMENT BUT YOU GET THAT AND MORE. Twelve bricks per box, about ten or more pounds. 

You will not find anything better. If you do find a cheaper price, you are just pissing your money away and loosing customers.

Your customer is safer, and has a lot more fun. That is what it is all about. Don't use some cheap ass imitation. Remember it is All Temperature, they are not. You want a happy returning customer invest today. 

Also, we all hate to think about liability. Put a bad wax on, who knows the outcome.

This item goes by weight.Twelve  bricks in a box.  I add the bricks in the box until they reach nine pounds. Why, some bricks weigh 13 ounce over by one ounce.